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Beautiful commission by Vestien of my characters Silver and Lucien.
<3 <3 <3

Beautiful commission by Vestien of my characters Silver and Lucien.

<3 <3 <3

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About Me

Kayla / Stephanie

This dreamer goes by too many names to keep track of them all at times. Stephanie or Kayla, either one will do.

When I'm making references to "people" I seem to know a lot about but you don't, the chances are fairly good, I'm talking about my characters or characters of others in one of the PBeM RPGs I participate in or run.

The biggest of these is Apocalypse Later. Also, there's Ethera. I invite you to poke around if you're curious.

Welcome to the dream.

Favorite Quote

I wrote the books I should have liked to read if only I could have got them. That's always been my reason for writing. People won't write the books I want, so I have to do it for myself: no rot about 'self-expression.'

-C.S. Lewis